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About us

IN3BIT is focused on the research and development of modern business solutions. Our goal is to constantly develop our products that are easily adapted to each of our clients, integrated into existing applications, systems and business processes.

Why are you important to us?

It's important to follow your business habits and then we can make upgrade. Your business has the ability to get complete freedom of movement on a variety of devices in full functionality. It is important to warn in a timely manner of possible dangers and risks of doing business. Intelligent alerts are now constantly with you and the decision is immediate.


Pozitron XRM

Extended Relationship Management

Pozitron XRM

A revolutionary concept allows owners, managers, heads of departments up to the employees themselves: monitoring financial and material operations in real time, from any device, from any location. Powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Management), foundation is Pozitron system and is completely independent Cloud application that can be used with your existing programs and way of doing business, integrate in other applications of this system, so you can automatically get and spread more useful information.

Why wait?

Why wait for reports from accounting or manually create the tables? Sometimes it's too late, the decision is timely and secure now that your complete financial and implementation status of the company is always with you to the current slice of business through diagrams, statistics and customized reports.

Availability and tracking

In monitoring the work of the people in the office and the way of doing business an installed a video camera will not help you, even the boss who monitors whether employees are on Facebook pages or doing the work for which they are paid. Now you can see who is at work, as much as he does, and this on your mobile phone while you are on the other side of the world. All your files, email messages are now always with you, you do not need to worry if something else is on your computer at work, at home or laptop.

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The concept of business

Creative and well-coordinated team


Simplified design of our application makes it simple to do any operation in few clicks, user manual is not needed.


You are free to use any operation system (Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, Android) and device (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone).


It doesn't matter where you are, all your documents, mails , and complete correspondence with clients and employees are always available.

Flexibility and Security

Pozitron is web based business application, without the need to install on device. Completely adjusted to the real needs of the client, tested and safety certified.

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Professional platform for knowledge control, taking online tests and exams

NEW! - professional platform for knowledge control, taking online tests and exams

Easy to use and at the same time gives creative freedom. eTest is a solution for testing and developing knowledge and skills. Whether you test 1 or 1000 or more thousands of students, eTest will free you from the painstaking creation, distributing and evaluating tests. Feel the Virtual Classroom Experience: Once created test you can be done an unlimited number of times without having to re-enter questions and answers. And the tests are beeing corrected and the results are available immediately!

Since it is online, there is no need to install the software, neither for you nor for your students. The flexibility of the app lets you access it the way you want and time you want: at your computer, tablet or smartphone Register today and enjoy the online testing capabilities eTest gives you!


Create test.
Activate group of attendants.
Find out the results.


Lightweight Test Construction and managing attendant groups.


Create educational units with learning materials, tracking progress and taking tests.

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